General Questions

Full, downloadable (or streaming) access to amazing, unique, top-notch femdom videos featuring Mandy Marx, Kat Turner, Helix, Christina, Carlin, and more.
There is a cancel option from the join page. No hassle, takes less than a minute. Email admin@teaseandthankyou.com with any issue.
At least one new video scene is added every week. Site's been up over five years. It's all there. There is a 4GB daily download limit; most people don't even notice. Our videos inspire a lot of membership loyalty--if you really like pantyhose or bondage or orgasm control or evil teasing you will be glad you came in.
There are three steps. First, initially you session with me at full tribute rates. Second, if you enjoyed yourself, enjoy filming, we have a nice chemistry, and your tastes are similar to what I want to shoot, then I may offer a discount tribute for future sessions. Third, if you are perfectly patient, good on camera, reliable, submissive to me and not your own desires, and a match for MY tastes, AND LOCAL, then we may discuss you graduation into full film-slave status.

Custom Videos

Mandy Marx and Kat Turner are each happily accepting custom inquiries. Contact us individually, our emails are on our session pages. Please note Mandy generally does not take requests in fetish categories she does not already showcase.
Anywhere from $50-$5000. Average charge is usually $200-ish. We find it amusing that people ask for prices before providing the full idea. Often, the price depends a lot on how much detail you require. How close is the video idea to something we would film anyway? How cool is the idea? How popular do we think the video will be when we post it? Do we need to procure something before shooting? Schedule a second party? What investments on our time, etc?
Lead with your idea. Send it along! The more detail, the more tightly scripted the higher the price. Just keep that in mind. We recommend trying to condense your idea to a paragraph or three. Let us know what you would like to see and we will let you know what we think, and provide a quote from there!
Within a month is the guarantee. Within a week is the goal. We make every effort to turn these around fast for you.