About Me:

I've become a workaholic now that I do this. This is because I love what I do. I am always working to improve in some area.

Sessions are thrilling for me. The power is fun and dealing with fetishists, (most of you), is a joy because there is something so specific you are looking for, and it is hard to find, and hard to feel like it is ok. I like to make you feel like your fetish is more than ok, because it is.

My bondage is inescapable. I am an acutely perceptive tease. I enjoy using energies and auras to my advantage. If we are connecting during a session, you do not stand a chance of not falling. I love hearing a submissive moaning in pure loss, forgetting else but me.

Oh, and if you ask me to tease you beyond words, beware. I will.

You have no excuses to be surprised, coming here. You can see exactly what I do both on this website and on C4S. I recommend the video "Becoming a Domme", available everywhere, if you wish to be tantalized further.

Oh, and I think that switching is sexy and enriching. If you like, you can see my "other" work at conversationpiece.cc and qualitycontrol.cc

Thank you,